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Would You Still Laugh After WatchingThis 100 Times?

Posted by dave1stuff on December 5, 2009

After watching this 100 times would you still laugh?  Try it!  Watch it once, now twice, now thrice (yes, thrice is a word)…(etc) Now after 100 times, are you still laughing?!?

I think it got boring after 73. But are you still laughing?


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Coka-Cola Has Some Interesting Flavors…

Posted by dave1stuff on September 16, 2009

I do like coke, but I hate all of those new flavors that they made.   Like, first of all, diet coke.  What’s diet about it?!? It’s coke with tons of sugar added to it!    

     55px-cc-bcv1                                                              150px-bottles_ofcoca-cola                                       

Vanilla coke doesn’t make sense either. Vanilla is an ice cream flavor, not a soda flavor. But one flavor that shouldn’y be mixed with coke, is cherry. And zero is just no cafine, but more sugar.

55px-cokevanilla                                      55px-cocacola_caffeine_free

  But one flavor I found out that they have only in: Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, and Canada; is lime-flavored coke. I don’t know what that tastes like, but it doesn’t good.


Well, I just wanted to tell you how much I hate most of coca-cola’s flavors. 


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Bunnies. Think They’re harmless, Well, Think Again.

Posted by dave1stuff on September 11, 2009

Do you think that bunnies are cute, harmless, creatures..


Bunnies hate life! just look at this picture…


I’ll show more bunny suicide pictures in other posts. Thank you for reading.

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Free Seats?

Posted by dave1stuff on August 4, 2009

Seats at a soccer game (in Europe and South America.  You know,  all the countries that love soccer) can cost a lot!  But they call it football. 

Well,  what do you do when you can’t afford tickets?  Just ask these guys, and they’ll hook you up.


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Pearls Before Swine

Posted by dave1stuff on June 14, 2009

My absolute favorite comic strip in the paper is Pearls Before Swine.  I read it almost every day (if I remember) .  You know how they have those semi-circles in front of doors?  Hopefully you know what they’re for.  Well if you don’t,  Than read this comic and find out.


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Fred! An Internet Sensation!

Posted by dave1stuff on May 15, 2009

Fred is a really funny guy on the internet.  He’s posted a lot of videos on YouTube.  You’ve got to watch more of his videos on YouTube.  They’re really random and hilarious! I got a really funny video off of YouTube.  Fred decides to go swimming in this one.  Enjoy!

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5 Ways A Movie Theater Might Rip You Off

Posted by dave1stuff on May 12, 2009

I made up these five ways a movie theater might rip you off,  since I just saw a movie recently:

1After you purchase your movie ticket,  you walk into the theater and are suprised that there’s no chairs.  You ask the movie people why there’s no chairs.  They say,  “Chairs?  Oh those!  That’ll be an extra $10.00.

2- The theater puts up a poster in the lobby:

The newest promotion!  The original price of one large  popcorn, $5.00. 

                                                                              But wait!  Now you can buy two large popcorns,  $12.00!


3- The theater opens up a new promotion.  They tell you,  “You can purchase an unlimited pass,  which gives you the ability to watch all the movies you want to.  For the allotted time period of two hours!  That’s right,  two hours!  All the movies you want!”


4- You 55px-cocacola_caffeine_free1buy your movie ticket.  You make your way over 240px-snickers_wrappedto the concession stands.  You order a large coke.  The person working the stand dumps coke all over you.  You get all mad and demand a reason why they dumped coke on you.  They tell you,  “You wanted a cup with that?!  Well we’re sorry,  but you’ll have to buy another coke and a cup to go with it.” 


5- You buy your ticket.  You buy:  a large coke,  an extra large popcorn,  and a king size Snickers (R),  and make your way to your movie.  When you walk into your theater.  The movie people tell you that you have to pay a cleaning fee if you bring food into the theater.

Those sound like something the theater in my town would do.



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Why The Allies Won WWII

Posted by dave1stuff on May 9, 2009

Hello people of Earth and beyond!                                                

   240px-the_earth_seen_from_apollo_17  300px-terrestrial_planet_size_comparisons


 I found some  funny pictures on this website.  You ever wonder why the germans lost WWII?  Well here’s your answer. Enjoy this picture…



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LEGO maniacs?!?

Posted by dave1stuff on May 9, 2009


There was a video on YouTube about these guys making a giant Lego boulder made out of 5 million Legos.  They dressed up like the cast of Indiana Jones and rolled the LEGO boulder down the streets of San Francisco.  Just watch it!

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Moe; In “Lie Detector”

Posted by dave1stuff on May 2, 2009

Moe is the most misunderstood character of the Simpsons.   People think that he is a friendless,  dateless,  lying,  loser who shot Mr.  Burns.  Well I posted this video to prove everyone wrong! 

After watching that video,  I found out that I was wrong!  We now know he didn’t shoot Mr.  Burns though.  Keep on watching my posts!

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